wellfourthings_andalizard ([personal profile] wellfourthings_andalizard) wrote2011-08-01 04:03 am

Drabble: The Best Of Intentions

When John saw the interview a few hours later, he was burying his face in his hands, but he was also laughing. He’d had the best of intentions, he had managed to sneak out of bed before Dave was even awake that morning. He was showered and dressed in less than fifteen minutes. He was halfway through a plate of eggs and toast, reading the paper, an hour before the interview, when the arms slid around his waist from behind, and there were lips pressed into the back of his neck.

John managed to laugh out a good morning before his mouth was commandeered for other purposes, but that was almost all. After that, the arms around his waist tightened and the lips became teeth trailing a line across his collarbone and back around his neck. Dave had him tipping his neck for more instead of attempting speech. There was a nip at the lobe of his ear and that was all he managed to remember coherently before the bedroom.

He made it out the door ten minutes before he was supposed to be recording the segment, and barely managed to be there before they started to harass the keepers of his schedule.

In the clip, his shirt is slightly wrinkled, you can see traces of where Dave’s teeth had been only an hour before, his hair is all but a lost cause, and there is still a faint flush in his cheeks, but it was worth it.

The fingers tugging at his hair, lips and teeth making a trail up and down his neck to his back, the last few moments before he has to rush out the door. Those are worth it.