As previously stated, this entry is a wibbly wobbly timey wimey spacey wacey temporal spacial anomaly, so it will forever stay at the top of my new little archive here.
So, first and foremost;
Disclaimer: This is a universal disclaimer for the entire set of content contained here. I will not post individual disclaimers. If you recognise something and you don't know me personally or talk to me several times a week, it doesn't belong to me. Harry Potter settings, characters, or other universe specific concepts do not belong to me. The same applies but is not exclusive to:  to Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, X-Men: First Class and any further fandoms I eventually write about. I also do not own John Simm, David Tennant, or James Mcavoy. Those people tend to belong to themselves. I make no profit from any of this, never have, and I likely never will. 

Next up;
This is very important, so please do try to pay attention. I have taken to writing an extremely significant amount of gay porn. Extremely significant amount. Now, if that is not your thing, that's fine. I tag everything within an inch of my own existence, so it should be plenty easy to spot before you get yourselves into a situation that makes you uncomfortable. 

However. Don't come here and rage at me about things being disgusting, or crimes against religion, or unrealistic, or anything else of that nature. I tend to become slightly agitated and you really don't want that. This is my space, for my work to be archived. You are welcome to have opinions and express them, just like everyone else. If you express them in such a way that makes myself or my various writer friends feel uncomfortable, angry, or attacked, that is another matter entirely. My house, my rules.

Right, that seems to be about all of the things that currently need saying. Peruse at your own risk, then... <3



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